What is transmitted by the color of our eyes?

“The eyes are the reflection of the soul “ it indicates a very popular saying. And really it is like that. In fact, across a look they can transmit all kinds of sensations and it can serve so much to support like to deny what we should say with words.
The visual transmission goes beyond it, since across our pupils we know how our personality is or of if we are worth of confidence. Really it is impressive how much information hides our eyes.

colorful eyes
First, we will speak on the confidence and the relation that has this feeling with the eyes. Yes, because we can express it with the look. Or at least, it is what the University Charles of the city of Prague indicates by an investigation. It seems that the color of our eyes has an important effect in the others. For example, the persons who have brown eyes inspire more confidence than those with blue eyes. But this does not have to see only with the tone of the eyes, but also with the physiognomy of the face.
Another investigation developed in Australia, has demonstrated that the persons of clear eyes are considered to be “less agreeable " and are in the habit of being more competitive in relation to those of dark eyes. That is to say, that those of brown eyes are linked to the generosity, the empathy, the compassion or the amiability.

dark eyes
Which is the relation between the health and the color of eyes? The tone of the eyes of a person can indicate if it has a high risk of suffering some critical illnesses in the skin. The University of Colorado, The United States, realized an investigation where it demonstrates that the individuals of clear eyes are more inclined to have vitiligo, a disease that produces a progressive loss of pigment in the skin and leaves white or pink spots in different parts of the body.
The clear eyes tend to be better in the darkness and even to reflect the light of the stars and of the moon. This can look like an absurdity, but the truth is that it is logical. If on the contrary we place the persons of brown eyes in areas warmer and near to the imaginary line of the Equator, we will be able to understand that they are more resistant to the heat and to the sunbeams.

42 .blue eyes
Without falling into ethnic or racial reasons, the physical characteristics of a person can tell us much. Biology has a lot to do with it, so there's not much we can do. Then, if you have light eyes, take care more than the Sun. If you have brown eyes, make it possible to be really reliable.

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