The key to reach the Happiness

Each person looks for something in their life, ¿true? To simple sight, we all look for different things. Nevertheless, if we happen to look beyond the superficial thing, of the forms, we will be surprised on having discovered that all, for different means and taking different ways - succeeded or not, we all are looking for the same thing: the Happiness.

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The challenge of every day

Being happy can be an exciting challenge, but according too many, something very difficult of managing or at least of recognizing when we enjoy it. There is no recipe to be happy; every person tries to be his own way and according to his good deal. But yes there are certain limits that might be of help for those who propose to cultivate the garden of his personal happiness.
Curiously, one of the first keys is not an affirmation, but a denial. This way it is, it is a way of learning how to say "no", of putting limits, it  seems to be so simple, but that  turns out to be for us so complicated by moments. There is very common that erroneous belief of which to be a “good person " you need to give the others everything for what they ask us, without any type of limits or restrictions.

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 To submit to the disinterested service in other one is wonderful, clear. But, does some limit exist? Since we can’t make the others happy on the basis of our suffering. We must take our own happiness as a principal goal. That is to say, first us and later the others.
Another question of importance that can bring us over a bit more to the happiness is to accept that we are not perfect beings. In fact, we have an unusual natural blemish that is wonderful, since it represents that engine that stimulates us to come out our personal horizons and to socializing, enclosed to knowing other lands and cultures. This way, we will realize the diversity of customs and values and it will offer to us another perspective of the life.

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To live in the present and to leave behind the load of the past is also slightly central to achieve a happy life. Likewise we should try to leave aside the comments badly meaningful of the people. Let's remember that the words of the others only have the value that we themselves grant them. Lamentably, often we value these affirmations, critiques or opinions over the small details that can give us pleasure, since there can be moments, persons, places and certainly ourselves.

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