Duff Beer - from fiction to non-fiction

The famous beer Duff will have the premiere in Chile later to give the jump to Latin America and Europe at the beginning of 2016.
When Homer Simpson pronounced his famous toast celebrating to the alcohol as “the reason and the solution of all the problems of the life”, there is no doubt of what it is what he had in his hand: the beer duff.
This beer is so associated to “The Simpsons” that it has his own pet, Duffman. In the serie, the beer has its own theme park, Duff Gardens.
During decades, the manufacturers of beer, from Australia to Germany and Colombia, tried to capitalize this fictitious marketing to throw real versions of the beer Duff. Very soon they had to desist from their effort, as they received a communication of the attorneys of the owner of the rights of "The Simpson ", 21st Century Fox.

39 Duff Beer
Nevertheless, now the group has decided to introduce on the market the Beer Duff, a first release that will begin in Chile with the intention of spreading to other parts of South America and Europe by the beginning of next year.
The company has carried out many consults with a beer expert to achieve the perfect flavor. As for the packing, it will not do explicit allusions to the program, but it will be an exact reply of the one that one sees in "The Simpsons".
But, why to throw it firstly in Chile? Fox has been attacking the increase of versions not authorized of the beer on the Chilean market, and has had certain success. The company sued to defend his intellectual property but when the illegal demands expanded to the whole Latin America, the company decided to be thrown to the market.

39 Duff Beer Chili PDI
The manufacturers of the official Duff beer, will work with a recipe created by the British expert in beer Paul Farnswork.
" It is a lager premium ", has indicated Godstick. " It has a very good balance  of flavor and freshness and it has a sweet aroma ".
And here there is one of the big challenges to satisfy the world thirst of Duff: It can be famous, but it is not famous for being good. Partly for this motive, Fox must maintain a very delicate balance on having associated the beer with the program.

39 Duff Beer bar
The creator of the series, Matt Groening, has preferred not doing comments on the launch of the drink.
 Fox decided to prove luck with the beer when it began to sell Duff in their fairgrounds. Last year, it reached an agreement with Woolworths to grant the license of manufacture to him. But it was cancelled a few months later.
" There were some worries on the advertising for children, so we decided to stop making the product ", a spokesperson of Woolworths indicated.
 Godstick has described the episode as a "test" of 10 weeks that helped to prepare the launch in South America, that has been planned during one year.

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