Love tattoos. Good Idea or not?

Many people choose a phrase, a symbol or even a name to tattoo permanently on their skin when they are in love. We all know that love clouds our ability to reason and decide, suddenly our world stops and there is only one thing you can think about… You may get to the conclusion that there will be nothing better to remember that love for the rest of your life than tattooing it on your skin.Although we are not against tattoos often when we speak about celebrities that have decided to tattoo themselves with the names of their husbands we see a greater amounts of regrets than successes. A lot of celebrities declare to have regretted it and most of them even take them off by laser. Here are some examples of some tattoo fails of celebrities.

Angelina Jolie

The pretty actress tattooed the name of his previous partner Billy Bob on her left arm. A couple of years later she met Brad Pitt,to which she is still married. Was that tattoo an error? you decide.

36 Angelina Jolie tattoo Billy Bob


The singer is a known fan of tattoos, symbols,numbers,shape...she has them all over the body.When she was with Chris Brown she tattooed her back with a cascade of stars as a symbol to represent her love for the singer. We don't have to remember how that ended.

36 Rihanna tattoo Stars

Melanie Griffith

Similar to Angelina Jolie the actress decided to go big and tattooed the name of her now ex-husband “Antonio” on her arm inside a heart as a gesture of true love.A very touching gesture that  Antonio declared he loved it but after many years of love, the couple split only last year.

36 Melanie Griffith tattoo Antonio

Johnny Depp

The actor tattooed the name of his love Winona Ryder, in his case the tattoo read “Winona Forever” but after their rupture he decided to change the tattoo to “wino (drunk) Forever”. He will never stop surprising us…

36 Johnny Depp tattoo Wino Forever

Heidi Klum

The famous model´s tattoo is no less than original, she tattooed the signature of his ex husband in her arm. Maybe this example is the one that shows more clearly how love can get to affect your ability to choose.

36 Heidi Klum tattoo sign

Katy Perry

During her relationship with the actor Russell Brand she tattooed a phrase in sanskrit that meant “go with the flow” on her right arm.

36 Katy Perry tattoo go with the flow

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