The Dalai Lama Boy

With only six years of age Osel, an spanish boy from the region of Granada, was pointed at by the Dalai Lama in person as the “reincarnation of the Lama Yeshe”. From that day on Osel was immersed in a life of cult and worship. He was the “chosen one” in a very long search around the world, and he had to be treated that way. Nevertheless, 18 years later Osel declares to have felt more as a prisoner. This is his story.

35 Osel

“Filled with suffer” this are the words that Osel uses to describe his childhood. In 1986 after a very thorough search around the world the boy was recognized as the Dalai Lama Yeshe or more specifically as his reincarnation. This discovery brought with it a series of consequences that Osel had to live from this very young age. He was taken away from his family before he could walk so that he could start his immersion in the Buddhist world  going to America and Europe. When he turned six they started to treat him as a divinity, worshiping him and educating him in the most tough and unflexible disciplines. He was sat on a kind of throne for most of the day, being revered by the people. Definitely  he was living a life that didn't correspond to his age. “It was like living a lie” says Osel.

35 Osel child

The Lama boy, turned 18 and started to question his life. At this age he took his saffron and maroon tunic and crossed the walls of what had been his home for the past 12 years, the monastery. He wanted to life, to get lost in the world, a world that was totally unknown to him. He disappeared from the public eye, and started a search for himself. He realized that he didn't know who he was as he had been told who he had to be since he was very young.

35 Osel
Having lacked of a normal childhood, Osel is conscious of his difficulties with basic things in life such as sociability, coexisting with other people his age or even just expressing himself in front of a group. Before his self liberation he had to measure his words, his actions and movements but now he gets surprised by himself with some reactions, that to many people are normal, but he doesn't recognize as so.

35 Osel solo

Now, Osel is a 30 year old living a normal life in Madrid where he can be a normal man with a normal the normal life that was denied to him once. His style is also a clear rebellion towards his past life, long hair rather than shaved, a beard, a worn out t shirt… He has studied Cinema in Canada and travelled around the world in the search for himself, a search that he admits to be still taking place.

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