How the colors of your walls affect your emotional state.

The colour we choose to dress our walls is not only that, it transmits us different emotions,it empowers the space or it reduces it, it gives prominence to our furniture or not. Here we discover some tonalities that are trending now so that you can choose the one that bests suits  your house and personality.

34 emotional colors of walls

Four ranges of colour are clearly taking prominence in actuality: from the minimalist tones to the natural ones, the neutral, the intense and vibrant, many tones for many personalities but when you chose you can't do it lightly as the colours help you create a balanced and harmonious atmosphere or it can turn out to be totally opposite.

The Nature Lover

If you are in love with the power of mother nature and its integration in your day by day then configure a welcoming and comfortable environment with colours that reflect natural light, recreating the beauty that resides in the simple things. Wooden walls, ranges of orange, Ochre, or earth colors are just some of the tonalities that help create this natural environment. It fills our walls with happiness and light without recharging it too much. The duo that is formed between any range of orange and wooden elements for example is one of the most trendy ones as it has a very positive impact when combined in the right rooms like the living room or the dining room.

34 orange colors of walls

Vibrant Colors.

Bold,daring and modern , It's time for a change. Blue, green,pink, even yellow and violet can be the colors that give personality to your walls, the only requirement is intensity. This colours activate our energy, give us joy and power, if you are a person with a strong personality and heart this are your colours.
If you are not willing to give this very prominent colors all the protagonism you can only paint a single wall in a room or heighten a zone like the chimney one. So that the walls are not overloaded with too much colour this intense colours should be combined with a more light one such as light green in such way that we give some harmony between the colours of a single room.

34 lightgreen walls

Pastel colours for the emocional people.

Warm, filled with light and charm. Pastel colours take us to a world of sensations and emotions. They have the virtue of relaxing and calming us and at the same time they put a different touch in our life. Light pinks combined with wooden furniture, fresh tissues and natural light are good company in any room of the house.

34 rose woden walls

So, are you ready to dress your walls and have a trendy house and mood? Get ready for the change. What is your colour?

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