Kristen Stewart against Bella Swan

We have seen it before, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez… and the list goes on and on of artists that have evolved and turned their backs from that teenage role that made them famous in first place. Now it's Kristen Stewart´s turn. Recently the young actress that gives life to Bella Swan in the Twilight Saga declared to have felt very uncomfortable with the role that was expected from her in that time.  Kristen thought that the role was inferior to her abilities and she decided to get honest with the press and express her feelings after some time has passed and she has achieved to free herself from that role.“They told me I had to be easy,pretty and without complications” “I had to fit into the stereotype of a young hollywood star”. Now the young Stewart has decided to play minor roles in other types of films that have allowed her to evolve from that teenage character she played for four films of the successful saga.  

Kristen Stewart against Bella Swan

She is very proud of having been capable of advancing and move forward rather than getting trapped and loose her mind into the many temptations that fame offers. Whilst her alter ego in fiction was living the dream of thousands of teenagers worldwide that fantasized of kissing the vampire “Edward Cullen”  she was driven to escape from the professional pigeonhole that being Bella Swan supposed to her. She was more inclined to achieving to be different in a industry that incited her to be totally stereotypical because it is “what sells”.

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan

The twenty five year old actress had played minor roles in decent movies with actors and actress of good name before being offered the role that changed her life. She knows that she owes a lot of her success to Bella Swan and she does not deny that without that role maybe she would still be another unknown face in a world in which it is very difficult to “make it to the top”. The fame came to her suddenly, she declares “this is all new to me”. Steward says that she has turned out to be more calm and wise with age although she is still young and learning about an industry that has many secrets and difficulties. After playing with fame and “getting burnt” in several occasions,  may we remember her polemical pictures with Rupert Sanders, she has decided to separate that period of her life from her and what better way of doing so than establishing new bonds with people that are more adequate to her way and style of living.

Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart
Her immersion in the world of auteur cinema goes hand in hand with a new and very close relationship with fashion under the tips of the well known designer Karl Lagerfeld. Moreover recently she has also made some polemical declarations confirming her bisexuality. Little remains now of the sweet and predictable actress that gave life to Bella Swan, Kristen is a clear example of how to overcome challenges and how to fight to be yourself above all.

41 Karl Lagerfeld and Kristen Stewart

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