Top 5 TV series to watch in your summer vacations 2015

Summer used to be that time of the year when show lovers had to take a break from their favourite characters and stories and wait for them to come back after a long time missing them, but that is now over. This year is filled with new and exciting shows in which you can immerse. Here are a list of the top 5 we recommend.

5. “Hannibal” (NBC)

Based on a classic story, that most people have heard about but few really know, Hannibal offers the audience that is expecting something gruesome and gory a visual masterpiece for those lovers of good acting and shocking scenes . Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Grant take their acting skills to another level in this incredible show that you should watch.

38 Hannibal tv show

4. “True Detective” (HBO)

For the fans of mystery and action, this would the perfect show. It all starts when a war veteran (role played by Taylor Kitsch) is suddenly faced with the scene of a crime and two detectives (Rachel McAdams and Colin Farrell) come to investigate it. A true demonstration of good acting in a show with a lot of ingredients for success.

38 True Detective HBO series

3. “Empire” (Fox)

This is considered to be one of the most fearsome pieces to come on the little screen this year. A perfect combination of family, gangsters, drama, love and most of all music, and very good one. The cast is filled with well known talents such as Taraji P. Henson which plays an stunning role or Terrence Howard who is the Main male character. It will make you cry, laugh, dance and sing, this show is one that you can't miss.

38 Empire FOX series

2. “Orange is the new black” (Netflix)

After three seasons of complete success OITNB can be considered as the “pearl” of Netflix this year. The show takes place in a Woman's Jail where different ethnic groups have to live a day by day inside four walls that never seem to run out of stories to tell and a cast with unstoppable actress to tell this incredible stories. This show offers a very different perspective of life from many kinds of Woman, it is impossible to not fall in love with every single character in it. Original and addictive, Orange is the new black is definitely a “must see”.

38 Orange is the new black series

1. "Game of Thrones" (HBO)

By now it is probably not a surprise that GOT heads the ranking but still, who can deny it is the place it deserves after such a stunning season 5. If you haven't yet gotten trapped in the world that George Martin offers us with such magistry and imagination beyond bounds get your popcorn ready and enjoy the fights, the love, the incredible scenery. A show that demonstrates that no one is essential, a “mouth opener” and above all very unpredictable.

38 Game of Thrones series

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