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Best hilidais destenatios, recomendation, reviews

Looking for the best holiday destinations? Find great vacation ideas and inspiration from Xobux, your source for the web's best travel posts, reviews and recomendations.

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Your guide to latest entertainment news from the industry

Get the latest entertainment news from the industry and learn all about new bands, rising stars, the next TV series and the best shows.

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Gaming events world wide

Gaming events world wide ...

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What is transmitted by the color of our eyes?

Category: Lifestyle.
“The eyes are the reflection of the soul “ it indicates a very popular saying. And really it is like that. In fact, across a look they can transmit all kinds of sensations and it can serve so much to support like to deny what we should say with...

Kristen Stewart against Bella Swan

Category: Entertainment.
We have seen it before, Christina Aguilera, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez… and the list goes on and on of artists that have evolved and turned their backs from that teenage role that made them famous in first place. Now it's Kristen Stewart´s turn....

The key to reach the Happiness

Category: Lifestyle.
Each person looks for something in their life, ¿true? To simple sight, we all look for different things. Nevertheless, if we happen to look beyond the superficial thing, of the forms, we will be surprised on having discovered that all, for...

Duff Beer - from fiction to non-fiction

Category: Lifestyle.
The famous beer Duff will have the premiere in Chile later to give the jump to Latin America and Europe at the beginning of 2016.When Homer Simpson pronounced his famous toast celebrating to the alcohol as “the reason and the solution of all the...

Top 5 TV series to watch in your summer vacations 2015

Category: Entertainment.
Summer used to be that time of the year when show lovers had to take a break from their favourite characters and stories and wait for them to come back after a long time missing them, but that is now over. This year is filled with new and exciting...

International Comic Con 2015. The best Costumes.

Category: Entertainment.
Like every year since 1970 during four days San Diego is home to thousands of comic, shows, cinema and game fans that come all over the world to live for some days in the parallel world of their dreams and share this with people that feel the same...

Love tattoos. Good Idea or not?

Category: Lifestyle.
Many people choose a phrase, a symbol or even a name to tattoo permanently on their skin when they are in love. We all know that love clouds our ability to reason and decide, suddenly our world stops and there is only one thing you can think about…...

The Dalai Lama Boy

Category: Lifestyle.
With only six years of age Osel, an spanish boy from the region of Granada, was pointed at by the Dalai Lama in person as the “reincarnation of the Lama Yeshe”. From that day on Osel was immersed in a life of cult and worship. He was the “chosen...

How the colors of your walls affect your emotional state.

Category: Lifestyle.
The colour we choose to dress our walls is not only that, it transmits us different emotions,it empowers the space or it reduces it, it gives prominence to our furniture or not. Here we discover some tonalities that are trending now so that you can...

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