7 Facts About Juice

Orange, kiwi and strawberry juices


When you squeeze fresh products, a great quantity of the products nutrients transfer to the juice. Those that have green leaves are rich in magnesium, which is essential for the metabolism.
A glass of juice kiwi, citrus fruits or berries provides more than 100 of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects your muscles during training and a glass of carrot juice has 900 of the recommended daily amount of vitamin A which is an antioxidant.


The intake of fruit juices cannot get rid of chemicals such as pesticides in your body. In fact, your body does the job by itself. What the juice does is to provide antioxidant that over time can help to protect you against the effects in the long run, be exposed to harmful compounds.


Drink a glass of juice before or after running will hydrate you, as well as providing you between 15 and 40 grams of carbohydrates. Don't forget that a single vessel can contain up to 160 calories, what does not benefit you if you are watching your weight. Vegetables juices have fewer calories, between 50 and 90 for glass


Some fans of the juice claim that if you don't eat for a few days and only drink juice, to give him your digestive tract a rest you need, but your stomach, intestines and colon are muscles that need to work to keep in shape. No fiber your gastrointestinal tract it will get lighter.


According to a recent study, a few cyclists drank juice of beet or a placebo for six days. The following day, they ran with the bicycle during an hour and competed in a test of 10K. Those that had drunk the juice ran more rapid, pedaled more loudly and used less oxygen during the test. The investigators attribute the prize to the nitrate of the beet, which increases blood circulation in an undirected way.


Pomegranate juice and cherry contain anthocyanins, antioxidants that protect the muscles. In a study, the runners who drank cherry juice before running a marathon, the same day and later, they had minor indices of inflammation and they recovered before that the group that took placebo.


Juice-based diets are known as a quick way to lose weight, and are provided drink low calorie options (you can get to ingest the calories of one full day with sugary juices). However, it is not a healthy way to lose weight. As the juice is low in protein you will lose muscle, difficult for tissue repair and endangers your immune system. In addition, you will recover the weight as soon as you return to a normal diet.

Juice and fruits for weight loss

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