The Mate S is Huawei's answer to the iPhone 6 Plus

Huawei Mate S

7 things you can do with the Huawei Mate S:         

1. Make a picture as if you had a camera SLR-main phone camera includes a professional or manual mode that can be control values such as the ISO, shutter speed, the aperture, the kind of focus and white balance to immortalize a scene as you had imagined. The camera has image stabilization and its luminosity is quite high: f2.0.

2. Record a voice note or interview somewhere crowded or loud - does your work require taking audio notes or statements of others? Are you a journalist, researcher, or architect? The new Smartphone from Huawei gives you the ability to record audio in a directional manner, for one-on-one talks, prioritizing voice over the rest. In this way will eliminate or reduce all noises around.

3. Charge the phone in a few minutes-the Matt S has a mode of fast loading which allows that with only plugging the phone ten minutes the battery will last for two hours. The Chinese manufacturer ensures that it is two times faster than the iPhone 6 Plus.

4. To do yourself selfies with an alone hand - Normally the selfies take with the front chamber of a telephone, but the Mate S gives you the opportunity to  extract yourself auto photos  with the back chamber and to take advantage of its 13 megapixels. This is possible with a simple touch in the improved sensor of fingerprints of the terminal.

5. Use the Smartphone as a small scale - thanks to Force Touch technology, able to know the strength with which you press the screen, it is also possible to know the weight of objects that are placed over (up to 400 grams). This single sensor is included in the 128 Gb model and not on 32 or 64 Gb. Huawei has enabled a laboratory of ideas so that users and developers send things that they think they can do with Force Touch.

6. Build your own shortcuts system - with the latest Huawei phone you can open applications that you most use only drawing a letter on the screen. The Smartphone allows you to configure the alphabet. You can draw a T so that it starts looking the application of Twitter or Tumblr or a C for the camera, calculator, Chrome, etc. It is you who decide the function or tool that you associate to each letter.

7. Print photos or documents from any place. The Mate S is the first Smartphone that supports the general Mopria printing protocol. This network includes 700 models of printers of 29 different brands.

Huawei Mate S back front

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