Reasons to start swimming

Swimming is one of the few physical exercises that benefit the body globally since the power of strength, resistance and flexibility at the same time. Swimming uses most of the muscle groups and is a demanding physical exercise that helps keep the heart, circulatory system and the lungs healthy. Here you have some benefits of swimming and some options to make your practice more fun and varied.

Girl swimming in sea

More muscles

Practice swimming to different varieties like backstroke, crawl and breaststroke will involve a larger number of muscles: abdominal, biceps and triceps, gluteus, popliteal, and quadriceps. But it always gives long and slender muscles.  If your swimming technique is not good, take classes to learn these styles well and avoid possible injuries

Bye extra pounds

Swimming is one of the sports that burn more calories, which makes this activity an ideal component for any weight management program. Do not forget that, although you're in the water, also you lose liquid swimming, drink water before, during (take a bottle) and later.

You will look Younger

It was found that this sport is a great help in the fight against the aging process, since it helps to slow down it. If your gym or swimming pool has a sauna, take advantage to clean your skin, exfoliate you during shower

It improves your memory

Breathing exercises that put into practice the swimming oxygenate the brain, in addition to motor coordination produces to our brain new neuronal loops

Natural analgesic

Swimming relieves headaches of all types and in particular rapidly improves the ailments of the back.  If your job is crushing your body, nothing better to take advantage of the hour of noon to swim and to counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle

Goodbye injuries

Swimming is better for the body than land exercises, since natural ability to float in the water prevents the inevitable hits that might cause injury. In addition to your spine and joints do not have to bear the weight of the body, which overrides the impact of other types of sports.

A sport for all

In the water, a person's weight is 10 of his normal weight and mobility is much higher, so people who have limited their mobility by age, arthritis, or an advanced state of pregnancy, etc. practicing swimming it’s your best sport ally


Swim produces large benefits for mental health: reduces stress and generates positive mood States, but above all, helps to momentarily leave in “blank" your mind and isolate ourselves from the problems.  Swimming produces a kind of meditation in motion that will help you to get rid of negative and obsessive thoughts so it calms and clears your mind.

Swimming mindfulness

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