Clothing Items that may be hurting you

You are looking for something in your closet and sure some of these items you have over used them daily. Be careful because those spectacular shoes or that pair of pants that looks so good on you could be damaging your health. To be beautiful you must not suffer, take care of your health!

What to wear

Super skinny jeans

You have to be careful with the Cowboys adjusted trousers until the end that are so spectacular. If when you sit down the button of clinch fixes you in the gut and does a brand to you, bad sign! These trousers are too tight. But not only it is a question of the button, the excessively exact trousers compress the nerves of the legs and the groin what does that the blood flow diminishes and provokes numbness in the legs. In addition the constant fret with the skin does that his protective barrier weakens, which gives course for infections and irritations.

Clothes styling

The systematic part of our body compression is radically the worst thing we can do. When we use styling items, like stockings or sashes, which stylize us, we have to be careful of how we choose the size. First, the idea that the more tighten but it conceals many times is not effective if the tape of the averages presses us in excess can create an opposite effect creating spare tires that otherwise would not exist. Above all, the compression of the body provokes numbness’s because of the reduction of the blood torrent.

Very heavy necklaces

If we are dressed in a simple way, a spectacular necklace is usually the solution to our look, but watch out! You must be careful with the necklaces that we choose. If the necklace has many beads they can dig us in the neck making us rubbing and causing to be uncomfortable. If the collar is too heavy, can cause discomfort in the neck.

Flat sandals and Flip Flops

Very flat shoes in general very little cushion, when walking eventually generate aches and pains in the back. If we also add that the foot is going to air and go down town, the combination can be disastrous. Rubbish or anything that you can rub can do that foot dirty which makes it more prone to infections, it’s also more likely to make you a brose.


The leggings are the dirtiest article that you can take. So exact and elastic they do to the being that the underwear sticks furthermore to the body so that, when we do exercise, the sweat does not perspire and is accumulated and can cause infections. Never repeat the same leggings to play sports prevent them from being extremely exact and always it is preferable of cotton that of lycra since it is more breathable.

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