8 of the Best Fitness and Health Apps

Life can be a difficult mission: work, study, family, stress and tiredness make up a time bomb whose explosion could bring disastrous consequences. For this reason, doctors and experts recommend doing at least 30 minutes of exercise every day.
The good news is that the new technologies accompany our determination and motivate us to continue giving the maximum in the sport that we choose.

Runtastic PRO Push Ups

We assure you that you will see a great improvement in your overall fitness and your strength in training.
This app will help you to reach your aims with a guide realized by qualified professionals. Do more and more push up; strengthen your arms and chest, at the same time as you amuse yourself.

Runtastic PRO Push ups


Fit bit is the leading application to monitor your daily physical activity and your state of health. This application you have to use it in an autonomous way and connect with the range of monitors of activity and the intelligent scale to obtain a complete picture of your daily statistics, including steps, distance, calories burned, sleep and weight.

Fitbit app

Pocket Yoga

Yoga is without a doubt one of the most relaxing physical activities that exist, and now this app gives you the possibility to do it from the comfort of your home. Only choose from three different levels of difficulty and length to create your routine.

Pocket Yoga app

iMuscle Home

This animated 3D application will give you everything you need to plan your exercise program.
In addition to the amazing 3-d animations, this app has 286 exercises and stretches that you can use at home to have a workout more than full.

iMuscle Home

5 Minute Relaxation

Do you feel stressed? Do not know how to find a moment of peace? We assure you that with this app you will be able to calm down in only 5 minutes.
The application features small routines of breathing and stretching that will help your body to release all the stress that you have.

5 Minute relaxation app

Kcals, Calorie Counter

Kcals is a new and innovated way of controlling the daily consumption of calories. This application works as a chronometer, ingested food are added to the calories while daily activity and exercise will subtract them.

Kcals calorie counter app

Health Vault

Health Vault for Windows will help you to take control of your life and have your health information to your fingertips. Sets objectives, keeps track of progress and discover trends to improve your health.

Health Vault app

7 Minute Fitter

This application contains routines that will help you to burn fat and to put you in form in only 7 minutes a day. The exercises that the app provides you uses the weight of your body for what it is possible so you can practice them in any place.
Each exercise has duration of 30 seconds with a break of 10 each. Repeat the circuit two or three times for best results.

7 Minute Fitter

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