7 Excellent Exercises For The Beach

1.    Running along the beach: our recommendation is that you take the proper footwear: comfortable and lightweight. And it suits your way of running to the beach. The best thing is you do it near the shore. Lower your intensity level: remember, you’re on vacation. And above all, do not commit the error return walk to the towel. Define an objective before you leave and comply with it because running along the beach can lead to another problem. The inclination of the area will do that you are unbalanced, do the same return itinerary so you do not suffer from your knees and ankles.

76 Running along the beach

2.    Swim: A bit of swimming will stimulate your body and you will pitch more effectively than you think. Being an exercise without impacts or rebounds it is recommended for anyone. The only limit is your physical... and the water of the sea. Nothing in perpendicular to the shore not to move you away very much.

Swiming man

3.    Beach volleyball: A light ball, a net and some company are sufficient to play beach     volleyball. A sport that strengthens entertains and makes friends, could you ask for more? So yes, only playing half an hour you can burn up to 400 calories.

Beach volleyball

4.    Beach Soccer: If football is the sport Beach equivalent King, you still have long way to go. Nevertheless, with the sand of the beach, play football multiplies by two the calories that you burn in a match. Whether playing with a couple of friends or in a real game, the play is a very demanding exercise and a renowned fat burning.

Beach Soccer

5.    Plank:  plank or abdominal bridge is a curious exercise that you can do without leaving your towel. You can make them horizontal or by side. In any case, you must endure in the position at least 20 seconds (2 series) in each fiscal exercise.

Plank on the beach

6.    Push-ups: Practically without leaving the towel, push-ups are ideal for making virtually unnoticed exercise. If you're not familiar, it supports the knees in your towel while you raise and lower the trunk with the help of your arms.

Push-ups on the beach

7.    Rowing: Discarded typical skateboard and rent a kayak, you alone or in pairs. Rowing is considered one of physical activity more demanding and effective when it comes to exercise. And in addition it is the most entertaining! Not how this boring machine of the gymnasium to which you have so much fear... And with good reason: the movement of your shoulders when you are rowing is much more natural.

Rowing kayak sea

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