The beauty of large size that succeed on the runway of New York

The American model Ashley Graham caused fury in the New York fashion week to present and paraded her new lingerie collection. The reason for this surprise has been she is not the typical thin model with hard factions that represents the manikin of large size.

Ashley Graham

Graham passed the catwalk in underwear and safely, was qualified as «fierce» and «dazzling», however, she has not been the only one of its size that has participated in this famous fashion showcase.

Girls of large size under the label of «Sexy size», as Denise Bidot, Marquita Pring, Eva Kay and Katy Syme participated in the parade. Graham has been responsible for publishing photographs of the event via Instagram and Twitter, places in which found flattering comments. ‘Yes to the curves, not to the anorexic', said a user on Instagram.

Denise Bidot

"I'd like to model in a campaign as powerful as this. Every day I have to remember that I am beautiful and that I'm also worth for the industry business", wrote another young woman

“Stunning women. Thank you for showing a more real example of women”, thanked another person. While another person remembered that  “everything doesn’t have to be 90-60-90".

But the large size models not only were on the catwalk of STYLE360 but also had a significant presence in the parade of the "Project Runway" program, which recorded the end of the season in the New York fashion week.

The models paraded with dresses lace, with crop-tops, skirts around the waist and billowing. The identity of the creators of each design is kept secret, since the information will be revealed when the program is transmitted.

Candice Huffine, another mannequin of size of great popularity, made her debut in this New York fashion week. She became the only model of large size that participated in the parade of designer Sophie Theallet. The 30-year American model confessed through her account of Instagram that she could not believe that her dream was finally fulfilled. "I made my debut at the NYFW to a designer with a beautiful soul, with an inspiring passion for life, fashion, beauty and people. Honored to be part of this spectacular event in one of the most diverse runways that there has ever been», she wrote.

Candice Huffine

The criticisms, as in everything, haven’t missed. Some people pointed out that the models who accompanied Ashley Graham were not really of «large size», since you could see that they had a toned abdomen, so it required real curves and bulging bellies.

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