Mr. Robot or the new revolution seriefila by hackers

Anyone who, on the vicissitudes of life, saw the pilot of Mr. Robot, at the beginning of summer, has suffered during the vacations the syndrome of the seriefilo. The thing that makes you stop thinking, as if there wasn’t tomorrow, with one more chapter of your favorite series. And it is that this serie hooks from the first minute. Why? For everything. There will be no spoiler in the whole text.

Mr. Robot

For starters, the director, Sam Esmail, a guy with so much talent for television as for seduction... He has compromised himself with Emmy Rossum!! To continue, the protagonist, led by Rami Malek (Elliot) which gives a master acting class in each chapter. And yes, despite Christan Slater, the product works properly.
But if there is something that stands out in this thriller is the plot, the way they count it and their message in the background, more real than it may seem. Namely, the series introduces us to Elliot, actor and voice in the story.

Christan Slater in Mr. Robot

Evil Corp for friends

However, the ultimate goal of Elliot is to kill E-Corp, a company that controls half the world and where his father works. His only problem is that he is schizophrenic. Elliot makes you part of his thoughts at all times. Haunting and hypnotizing you in equal parts.
After nine intense chapters, emitted by USA Network, on 26 August the chain decided to suspend the chapter because one of the scenes was assimilating very much to the murder of both journalists’ days before, in full live connection.
It seeks to remove consciences, to wake the spectator up and to make him see a reality that already other jewels drew as the club of the fight. Yes, this is Mr. Robot, raw, direct and shocking.

Finale chapter suspended

And yes, the scene that was suspended the tenth and last chapter of the first season is impressive. That it takes to forget. And that's good very good like Mr. Robot.
Some candy which, after almost unanimous praise from critics and the public has been renewed for a second season which will arrive in the coming year. Sam Esmail has already confessed that the cliffhanger from the last chapter will be the key for the next installment and BD Wong, one of the most exciting characters from the series, will have more importance in the second season. All good news.
But yes, you cannot participate if you do not see this gem of ten chapters that you see in two days.

Mr. Robot seriefila

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