The Actors Who Almost Die During a Filming

Halle Berry - The call (2013)

The winner of the Oscar award was an action scene when she fell and hit her head with the floor of cement. Filming was suspended immediately and the scene was removed from the script. The actress was moved quickly to the hospital, where they did not diagnostic any severe damage.

Halle Berry The call

Jaimie Alexander - Thor: the dark world (2013)

The American actress climbed a ladder during the filming and due to the rain and darkness slipped and dislocated left shoulder and splintered 11 vertebrae. She could not work for a whole month.

Jaimie Alexander Thor The dark world

Margaret Hamilton - The wizard of Oz (1939)

Personified the wicked witch and was during the filming when she had to be hospitalized for suffering burns of the third degree in the hands and of the second degree in the face. Along the full-length film, his personage was disappearing across a cloud of smoke that was catching fire with oil. Due to it and to that the peep-hole for the one that had to go out of scene remained clogged, Margaret Hamilton burned several parts of the body.

Margaret Hamilton - The wizard of Oz

Daniel Day-Lewis - Gangs of New York (2002)

Since Martin Scorsese film was founded in 1863, the clothes that Daniel Day-Lewis used caused him pneumonia. The Irish actor rejected modern medicine arguing that at the time of the film there was no cure for the disease. When he was told that he would die if he did not change opinion, he accepted the medication and he putted on more clothing.

Daniel Day Lewis Gangs of New York

Jason Statham - Mercenaries 3 (2014)

One of the most recognized stars of action movie went too far during the filming of the mercenaries 3. He was shooting a scene in which driving a truck. The brakes failed and he had to jump to avoid falling into the sea together with the vehicle.

Jason Statham - Mercenaries 3

Isla Fisher - Now you see me (2013)

Her character had to escape from a water tank full of piranhas during a magic scene. ”My chain got stuck and I had to swim to the bottom. I could not get up and everyone thought that the performance that i was doing was incredible. I was drowning and nobody realized that I was struggling”, revealed the actress at the British newspaper Daily Mail. She had to press a switch from quick release of water and with the help of a specialist got rid of the chain.

Isla Fisher Now you see me

Michael J. Fox - Back to the Future Part III (1990)

He had to shoot a scene in which it seemed that he was being hanged. The actor repeated the scene several times with a box on the feet but he wanted to make a decision without fasteners. It took 30 seconds and Fox remained unconscious. They took a long time to realize that he wasn’t acting.

Michael J Fox Back to the Future Part 3

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