Kendall Jenner is the Queen of New York

Kendall Jenner in red dress

There is no one that can eclipse her. Kendall Jenner has become the authentic Queen of New York. The week of fashion in the city of the skyscrapers is leaving us to see the new proposals for the next spring-summer 2016 of the great designers. In addition, the most popular models of the time show their talent on the catwalk. The most popular, she: Kendall Jenner. Along with his good friend Gigi Hadid, both are the most important of the fashion week. And it is the half sister of Kim Kardashian has managed to ascend to the top of her career in just two years.

Kendall has already worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the world such as Chanel, Esteé Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger or Donna Karan. Now, the top model is still completing her resume in the hands of Michael Kors. The model wore a pleated skirt in black with crop top and black sandals and carried off all the applause of those attending the parade and the cheering from the front row.

Kendall, who is just 19 years old, is already one of the most popular worldwide models and now that Cara Delevingne has decided to retire from the catwalks to devote herself exclusively into her performing career, Kendall Jenner has a large portion of delicious pie of success within her profession.
Kendall plays with the great trick of having a sister so popular like Kim Kardashian, who promotes and encourages Kendall to continue with her profession. This sweet looking brunette is all a claim of designers and photographers.

Kendall Jenner is one of the most popular tops of the world and even this way, it is not important for her if her numerous followers see her in full session of depilation. And it isn’t simple to be perfect 24 hours a day. Sometimes is necessary to have recourse at any time to finalize details. Blade in hand, no soap, no foam or anything, Kendall Jenner touched her legs with laughter. This is one sign of the naturalness of this girl, one of the keys of her great success.

Between parades, Kendall still has time to being a spectator and changes the gateway by the front row. Along with their TV sisters, Kendall Jenner attended the parade's signature Nike, where her friend, music producer Kanye West has designed a model of shoes. Kim Kardashian, who is about to be a mother for the second time, arrived in the company of her eldest daughter, North, both dressed in an identical manner. Mother and daughter chose a total look camel that did not pass unnoticed.

Kendall Jenner provocative photo instagram

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